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    +7 (910) 041-38-44. VIBER. WhatsApp.
    Skype: pankratov777

Kennel "Voronezhskie bogatyri" is one of the most famous kennels in Russia and other countries of the world for breeding the best of the breed caucasian ovcharka.



Voronezhskie Bogatyri FCI-RKF #5363 03/21/2003

+7 (910) 041-38-44  VIBER. WhatsApp.  Aleksandr Pankratov
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 Aleksandr Borisovich Pankratov  (at the left in the photo)

The Caucasian Mountain dog breeding kennel RKF-FCI Voronezhskie Bogatyri is one of the leading kennels in Russia and the world raising Caucasian ovcharka.

The kennel's head and owner Pankratov Aleksandr Borisovich is a very skilled dog breeder and a real expert in the Caucasian Mountain dogs.

If you have any question or have decided to buy a Caucasian Mountain puppy, please contact Aleksandr via phone, email, Skype or Facebook.

The kennel is located in Voronezh, Russia, about 500 km from Moscow. We ship the puppies to any country of the world.

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